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Develop our People
Our key strategic goals will rely fundamentally on our people and their skills, so we need to ensure that we attract and retain high quality colleagues. We need to ensure they are properly trained, gain the right experience, and are also properly incentivised by recognition and the working environment, as much as by reward.Employee turnover 22.0% (2018: 23.5%)
  • Global Best Companies employee engagement survey undertaken, which identified areas for improvement. Targeted action plan created and executed, including NCC Cares, our global wellness initiative
  • Performance management approach has been agreed and is ready for FY20 launch
  • Global headcount in the technical assurance teams is now at the levels required to satisfy current demand
  • Focused recruitment means escrow sales teams enter the new financial year at full strength
Lead the Market
The market is evolving so quickly that we need to be at the forefront of developing new services and responses to address emerging threats. Our customers' needs are also changing: not just in response to new threats but also in respect of how and where they carry out their business. We must respond to those changes in how we position ourselves and our services.Global research days increased
Significant content production:
  • 17 whitepapers
  • 81 technical blogs
  • 31 technical security advisories
  • 41 conference presentations

Key external deliverables around:
  • Enterprise IOT
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning applications to security assessments
  • Connected Health
  • Maintain world-leading capability through intelligent working, including new rapid concept to market process
  • Future specialist cyber resilience practice incubation research in Connected Health, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Cyber Resilience
  • Cyber as a science solutions whose efficacy can be measured and operating constraints understood
Win Business
In attractive and growing markets where we enjoy strong competitive differentiators, we aim to deliver medium-term growth in excess of market rates. By focusing on higher value added services we will avoid growth for its own sake while simultaneously protecting our margins.Revenue growth (metric unchanged) 2019: 7.6% (2018: 8.3%)
  • Global account management initiated for largest clients
  • High Value Selling training delivered and embedded
  • Embed salesforce and drive improved sales metrics
  • Grow Managed Detection and Response services
Deliver Excellence
The Strategic Review identified that we do not organise ourselves in a way that brings simplicity and efficiency to our service delivery.Gross margin improvement (metric unchanged) 2019: 40.6% (2018: 41.2%)
  • Global resourcing improved through more harmonised ways of working; achieved by better communication and the introduction of a Gated Business Lifecycle
  • Cross-region delivery in our technical security consulting teams increased by 31% in support of sales growth around the world
  • Take further steps in FY20 towards agile global resourcing: harnessing cyber talent across the globe and using it to support both multinational and local organisations
  • Measuring utilisation globally to manage recruitment/attrition 'hot spots' and enable surge resourcing
Support Growth
Our existing business processes are inefficient, and in many cases difficult to scale. They often rely on manual activity and disparate information systems that can lead to a lack of clarity in decision-making.Adjusted operating profit 2019: 13.4% (2018: 13.2%)
  • Systems installations are on track and within budget
  • Overhead increases this year were primarily related to the professionalisation of our support functions

Cash conversion ratio (metric unchanged) 2019: 109.6% (2018: 90.2%)
  • Sustainable improvement in working capital through better processes, the introduction of weekly measurement dashboards and increased management focus
  • Install Workday as the backbone of our Human Capital, Finance and Professional Services Automation
  • Prepare to drive efficiencies in FY20 following systems installations

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