Global booking system experts embrace innovation through Escrow-as-a-Service.

Based in London, System Bookings is a leading online booking system specialist providing high-end bespoke solutions to businesses across the globe, ranging from start-ups to major FTSE 100 companies.

System Bookings has been working in partnership with NCC Group since 2017 to demonstrate its commitment to best practice and long-term client relationships.

As a company that promises to deliver a specialised bespoke service with fast turnaround times, we required a business continuity solution to match our offering. Through NCC Group's streamlined Escrow-as-a-Service solution, not only can we continue to provide market leading software solutions, but we can assure our customers that their most valuable assets are protected at all times.

Chris Campbell



System Bookings required a customised booking system to help improve the efficiency of appointment scheduling for a market leader in the photography industry. This booking system would help them stay ahead of their competition in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

To provide reassurance and confidence to the customer that they'd be protected against any disruption to their bespoke software, System Bookings recognised the need for a third-party escrow solution.


After previous positive experiences with us, System Bookings got in touch. During the initial scoping call our specialists worked with System Bookings to understand the infrastructure of the application and proposed an Escrow-as-a-Service (EaaS) Access agreement.

The agreement provides the customer with the necessary information needed to access the live environment of their cloud software application in the unlikely event that System Bookings is unable to support or maintain the application.

For further reassurance we recommended the inclusion of the source code as part of the agreement. This allows the customer to maintain or further develop the software from the original code.

All information required to access the live environment was transferred from System Bookings to our secure vault with a mutually signed legal agreement these would be released if required.

Our secure online depositing portal 'View' made the upload deposit a quick and seamless process for System Bookings.


Although new cloud hosted software has been developed to improve the customer experience, software suppliers face the challenge of ensuring the long-term availability of the application for their customers.

System Bookings has demonstrated a proactive approach to risk mitigation and governance enabling them to embrace innovation through their bespoke software while assuring customer confidence by minimising the impact of business disruption.