A walk through of some typical daily activities, demonstrating where we might be involved in helping to create a more cyber resilient world. This work never ends and our impact is felt everywhere – making our colleagues proud to be helping to keep society safer and more secure.


Morning Routine

NCC Group protects the critical national infrastructure that provides power, water and gas 24/7 through its Security Operations Centres. Its data diode products allow these providers to connect their most sensitive networks to the Internet, powering smart grids. The smart meter in your house has been through NCC Group's government approved hardware testing laboratories.


Drive to work

The car you drive has benefited from NCC Group's transport security practice who has worked with the manufacturer and their supply chain to identify and mitigate risks through threat modelling, applied research, and ethical hacking before it has even rolled off the production line.


Cross the street

The traffic lights and traffic control systems have been subjected to technical assessment and risk advice by NCC Group consultants.


Take the elevator to the office

The building management system that controls the modern offices in which you work has been assessed for novel attack and defence approaches by NCC Group researchers. This knowledge has allowed the building owner to minimise the risk that a building outage can be caused by a cyberattack.


Work on the internet

From the software on your desktop, laptop or mobile device through the carriers that connect you to the cloud and the cloud providers themselves, NCC Group has worked with the largest firms to produce more resilient environments.


Make cash machine withdrawal

The cash machine, the networks upon which it operates and the financial system fabric is assessed regularly by Red Team technical specialists at NCC Group on behalf of the institutions and their regulators. When incidents occur, NCC Group's Cyber Incident Response team provides experts in intrusion and malware analysis to supplement an organisation's own capabilities.


Buy lunch

NCC Group's threat intelligence tipped off the point-of-sale operator that their systems were breached. This allowed the organisation to respond and minimise impact on their customers while ensuring commerce can occur with confidence.


Buy shoes

NCC Group's software testing team worked on the roll-out of the new EPOS system and loyalty scheme application across the store's network of shops.


Book a holiday

NCC Group's Escrow Division hold the software that is required to run the travel agent's reservations system in escrow, which would be released in the event of certain trigger events where the software owner was unable to perform its contractual duties. This helps ensure minimal disruption to the travel agent's business critical software.


Pick child up from nursery

The biometrics used to gain access to the nursery benefits from research and advice provided to the manufacturer, avoiding a system, which could be bypassed with a selfie.


Health check

The medical imaging system used at the doctors was assessed by NCC Group technical experts.


Cook dinner

The distribution supply chains, which provide the food to your door have been assessed by NCC Group risk management and governance experts and benefited from security improvement programmes undertaken by the retailers who deliver them.


Recycle rubbish

The recycling centre is protected by a cyber insurance policy that is supported by NCC Group experts.


Put baby to bed

The Internet-of-Things baby monitor has been subject to assessment by NCC Group's hardware labs.


Watch an on-demand movie

From the set-top box you use to the service you use. NCC Group risk and technical experts have ensured that piracy risk is minimised while ensuring your data is safe.