In the prior financial year, the Group sold Web Performance and Software Testing, both part of the Assurance division but not aligned to the core cyber security activities of the division. The tables below provide an analysis of these discontinued operations.

Loss of discontinued operations2019
Cost of sales(17.2)
Gross profit4.3
General administrative expenses(3.6)
Share-based payments0.1
Operating profit0.8
Loss of discontinued operations
Loss on sale of discontinued operations before tax(6.4)
Loss on discontinued operations before tax(5.6)
Loss on discontinued operations after tax(5.5)
Effect of discontinued operations on assets and liabilities2019
Intangible assets6.2
Plant and equipment0.5
Trade and other receivables4.5
Cash and cash equivalents0.7
Trade and other payables(5.8)
Net assets6.1
  1. See note 1 for further details on the restatement of comparative information due to the retrospective application of IFRS 15.
Summary of loss on disposal of subsidiary2019
Consideration received or receivable:
Cash consideration11.3
Carrying amount of net assets disposed of(6.1)
Elimination of goodwill(10.2)
Professional fees and other costs(1.4)
Loss on disposal before taxation(6.4)
Loss on disposal after taxation(6.4)