NCC Group is a leading independent cyber security advisor, sought after for our expert solutions that enable individuals, businesses and society to thrive. We are trusted to protect and secure our customers' critical assets.

We aim to innovate and continually develop new products and services to match the rapidly evolving and complex digital world. We operate across multiple sectors, geographies and technologies. Our goal is to stay at the forefront of thought leadership and delivery in our current markets while expanding geographically where appropriate.

Our values:

We work together

We want to be brilliantly creative

We embrace difference

Our values underpin the decisions made in our organisation. They are fundamental to our business model and our focus on sustainable success.

Our Group operates in two distinct but complementary divisions: Assurance and Escrow

The two divisions are also disclosed in the Financial Statements as our two Reporting Segments. While these are managed and reported internally as similar groups of activities, throughout this report we are able to disclose additional revenue information at a geographical level but also at a sub-level of similar services. This additional analysis is to aid the users in understanding our different types of revenue.

Assurance key facts

We provide the following complementary value-based services and products:

  • Technical Security Consulting is our core professional service with industry sector specialisms
  • Risk Management Consulting, a service line that addresses the business risks of cyber
  • Managed Detection and Response which provides operational cyber defence, scanning, simulation and SOC services
  • Products such as sensors, licences, encryption software and hardware and other complementary products

    Our agile global delivery platform represents 85% of the Group's revenue.

Escrow key facts

We provide the following services:

  • Escrow contract services that securely maintain the long-term availability of business critical software and applications while protecting the intellectual property rights (IPR) of technology partners
  • Verification services documenting the processes to rebuild and restore an application, mitigating risk of failure

Leading provider in the UK, with a growing North American, continental Europe and RoW capability representing 15% of the Group's revenue.